Salford based charity, Kidscan are urging coffee lovers to rethink their morning lattes and donate the money to charity instead with their latest campaign, GiveUpACup.

Kidscan is asking that instead of people paying £3 for a coffee, they donate the money to charity this festive season.

70 million cups of coffee are bought every day across the UK, many of which are bought on the commute to work.

The charity’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Kirsty Leigh said: “A lot of people on their way to work will go and buy a hot drink from their local coffee shop, and they often spend about £3-£4.

“That money we could use at Kidscan to find safer treatments for kids diagnosed with cancer.

“If you make your cup of coffee at home it would cost around 4p rather than £4, so you could donate that to charity instead. Donating £3 to the charity could buy a box of gloves for the researchers in the labs and it could go towards the equipment that they need to use to grow cancer cells.”

She added: “If the 70 million people who buy coffees every morning decided to donate one of the drinks prices to Kidscan, then that would raise a lot of money.

The money would go to funding full phD studentships at universities across the UK, making huge advances in finding safer treatments.”

Jason Simat, the Digital Marketing Executive for Kidscan said: “The campaign is based around the coffee that you drink in the morning. Instead of going to your local coffee shop, say no and have a drink at home. With the money you save, you can donate it to Kidscan.”

“If we have a small amount of donations from a number of people, then it does make a big impact.”


giveupacupThe charity have also created their own reusable cups to support the campaign. Click here to purchase a cup


To donate to Kidscan, text GIVEUPACUP to 70085, alternatively click here to donate through their website.

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