An International superfan has chosen to support Salford City Football Club, despite being 7000 miles away from his home town in Misiones, Argentina.

Martin Mora is a perfect example of how global the sport of football has become, but not in a way that you might expect.

Instead of becoming a fan of one of the European super-clubs such as Manchester United or Real Madrid,  Martin chose a different path in the form of Salford City Football Club, even though he lives over 7000 miles away from Salford in Misiones, Argentina.

21 year old Martin’s love for the beautiful game began when he was a young boy, but his romance with The Ammies bloomed much more recently.

Martin Mora in Argentina. Image Credit: Martin Mora

Martin discovered Salford City Football Club in an unusual way.

He said: “A couple of years ago, I learned that some Manchester United legends play a big part in a club called Salford City so I started by just wanting to know more.”

The combination of following Salford City’s social media’s closely and playing as them on Soccer Manager 2019 inspired Martin to tune in to the Salford City games live.

It is difficult for Martin to watch the matches in Argentina because of the time difference and programming, however that doesn’t stop him.

He said: “I love watching the matches, I watch them on Twitch.

“If I can’t watch, then I’m always checking Twitter”

From watching the matches Martin developed an affinity with some of the players.

Class of 92 team at Salford Stadium. Image Credit: University of Salford Press Office via Flickr

Martin said: “I like all the goals Adam Rooney scores, he is always in the right place at the right time

“Richie Towell is a very technical player who can play amazing passes but my favourite is Scott Wiseman as he is very committed to the team, always plays well and is willing to die for the shirt.”

Martin started a Argentinian Salford City Football Club supporters Twitter account called @SalfordArg on the 4th of November and has gained over 300 followers so far.

 He said: “I did it to see if anyone else in my hometown, Argentina or even Latin America was a fan of Salford City too and I guess I was right”

Martin is very excited to see what his future holds and believes that the content he makes on twitter will help to grow his voice on the platform.

Martin has traveled to the Maracana stadium in Brazil and has seen River Plate play in Argentina but he someday hopes to make the trip to the Peninsula Stadium to watch his heroes play, but for now he’ll have to make do with managing the team on a video game.

Image Credit: Martin Mora / University of Salford Press Office via Flickr

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