Kidzrus Nurseries Christmas Jumper Day

Featured image: Nicola Fleury.

People all across Salford celebrated Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children.

Seven years ago, on Friday December 14, Save the Children launched Christmas Jumper Day with the aim of raising money to help children around the world stay safe and healthy.

Since then, the day has proven popular, with schools, workplaces, families and friends across the UK all taking part.

Nicola Fleury, the owner of Kidzrus private day nurseries, is taking part in this years Christmas Jumper Day alongside the children in her nurseries. She said: “This helps to change a child’s life by making a small donation and with everyone on board we hope to do just that.

Kidzrus Nurseries Christmas Jumper Day
Kidzrus nurseries on Christmas Jumper Day. Credit: Nicola Fleury.

“We are aware that all donations help children to grow up healthy and safe.  Children can access education and be what they want to be, Kidzrus Nursery ethos is Every Child, Every Chance and we know by helping towards Save the Children fund, we are contributing to the cause.

“Our children have been busy making their own jumpers too.  We are proud of our Salford Community and we help to support our local children and families in Salford Via our food bank at Media City where parents collect weekly food parcels from our nursery.

“It’s important to help as much as possible but we also understand that our local families need help and support too.”

 Christmas Jumper Day
Alison Short putting her own spin on Christmas Jumper Day. Credit: Alison Short

Workers across Salford all dressed up in their festive knitwear in aid of Save the Children, including Project Communications PR, Alison Short, who put her own spin on the day, and Pete Shelley, the membership manager at Salford Community Leisure.

Christmas Jumper Day
Pete Shelley, the membership manager at Salford Community Leisure, courtesy of Salford Community Leisure.

Last year, Save the Children operated in 118 countries around the world, helping to tackle pneumonia, fight malnutrition, feed thousands of children at risk of starvation in Yemen and help treat life-threatening injuries caused by global conflicts.



This year, they are hoping donations from Christmas Jumper Day will help them continue their work with children around the world.

To learn more about Save the Children, or to donate, click here.

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