Labour councillor and former student of The University of Salford Jon-Connor Lyons has called for an end to austerity and more investment in Greater Manchester, but says the 2019 General Election campaign has been ‘chaotic’.

The Councillor for Picadilly ward said: “From a Labour perspective it’s certainly been positive even though the nights have been longer, it’s been colder, but people have still come out to campaign.”

“I think when we launched our manifestos, I think that was the real moment where we’ve seen in the polls that Labour was able to climb back up to a fighting position”.

Offering a more local perspective, Jon praised the Labour candidate for Salford and Eccles, Rebecca Long-Bailey, whose held her seat with a large majority.

“I think she’s been a fantastic local MP”.

“She’s worked with the council to bring in investment to the area, but I think her main achievement is being able to secure a seat for Salford within the shadow cabinet, really highlighting climate change, and how climate crisis affects her residence and affects working class people just as much as it affects everyone else.”

However Cllr Lyons admitted Labour could have done better throughout the campaign.

“We could have got our messaging more key”.

He added the Liberal Democrats slogan of ‘Stop Brexit’ and the Conservatives slogan of ‘Get Brexit Done’ were clear to voters.

He suggested the Labour Party slogan ‘Real Change’ wasn’t as effective as those from other parties.

“As much as I really believe in that and definitely support it, it is very open ended and maybe doesn’t quite trickle down to the issues that people are feeling.’

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