A retired midwife from Salford is now dedicating her time to providing essentials for new born babies.

Ruth Day, of Pendlebury, is the only Salford volunteer for Greater Manchester charity, Early Essentials.

The charity aims to help new mothers with essentials by producing hampers to fit their needs.

They have three different hampers; one for a girl, boy and one that is gender neutral.

It is important to have a gender neutral hamper as the charity is constantly getting emergency calls for hampers.

The hampers include clothing aged 0-3-month-old, nappies and blankets. The hamper is a Moses basket that has a new mattress already embedded.

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Ruth has given out three hampers this week to women in need.

She said: “I think the people it will help the most is the mothers in crisis.

“We have asylum seekers refugees, the homeless, those who are seeking shelter from domestic violence and people without any social funding.”

All items in the hampers are donated, with the majority being second hand but in perfect condition. Donations are collected from participating churches in the area.

The charity gives personal items to the Mother and Child, which include things such as chocolate for the mother and teddies for the children.

Ruth said: “They outgrow clothing, but a toy is for life.

“There is a sentimental value attached to your first ever teddy, most people keep them forever.”

With over 700 hampers distributed across Greater Manchester people in the area are thankful for all their work.

Chloe Thompson, a trainee Nurse on the neonatal unit, Salford Royal, said: “It is essential these things are provided so a baby has the best start to life.

“I’ve seen it myself where parents do need donations and I know how much it is appreciated.”

Salford Royal are not yet working with Early Essentials. However, Chloe is more than happy to refer people to them.

Chloe said: “I think providing the support with clothing will help with mental health of a mother.

“People just need to ask if they need the help of donations. Don’t be afraid to ask your nurse.”

Early Essentials are continuing to help new mothers in Greater Manchester through their struggles.

Featured image credit: Nadine Rose

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