A giant flame was painted by members of the community on Monday to remember victims of the Holocaust at Ordsall Hall.

The giant flame was made out of leaves from the garden of the hall and was inspired by the symbol from the Holocaust Memorial Day organisation.

It was made to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp. Here is a video with more information about the camp.

Joanna Green, the main organiser of this event said: “It has so many connotation; the flame of the gas tower but also the eternal flame, the light burning in the darkness.

“These oak trees that we’ve got around us are a beautiful symbol of strength and endurance and tenacity.”

Image credit: Olivia Mukerjea

Members of the community were asked to stick, paint and draw flames onto a white background which will be displayed in the hall.

Joanna believes it is important to remember the past because ethnic cleansing is still happening today. Also that this will be the last significant anniversary were victims of the Holocaust will still be alive.

Joanna also stated: “It’s a memorial to the dead. The fallen leaves are the people who fell during the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. But you also have renewal with the new buds on the trees.”

National Holocaust Memorial day first began in 2001 and has been held on the same day every year since.

People across the country have been remembering victims of the Holocaust as well as subsequent genocides in countries such as Rwanda and Bosnia.


For more information about Holocaust memorial day, you can click on the link to their website.

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