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Oliver Buxton, a second year Salford student, has launched his very own music label titled ‘Delux Music Collective’.

After taking an early interest in music, Oliver says it has taken over almost every aspect of his daily life, “I started getting into music when I was around 12/13.”

He continued, “I spent a whole Sunday going through all my dad’s CD’s and making note of the songs that I liked off all of them so I could put them into a playlist. When I turned 15, I started going to gigs in Manchester.”

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“I used to manage a band called The Nix and when they came to an end the members wanted to form a group where they could work on their individual projects and release music all in one place and so Delux Music Collective was born.

“It wasn’t until it the ball got rolling that I took the reins.”

Oliver took advantage of the Salford University Launch Business Incubator where he was given access to important business guidance.

“I applied for Launch because I needed to learn how to run a business.

“I knew everything I needed to know about the industry I was involved in but at the time, had no clue about business at all.

“Joining the Launch programme was one of the best things I’ve done, meeting and working with so many like-minded individuals at different stages of their business journeys and getting feedback on my ideas was absolutely brilliant.”

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The process of setting up the business took well over a year with Oliver commenting, “There are so many things that you have to do that don’t even come to mind when you’re coming up with the idea of starting a business.

“The hardest part of the job in my opinion is keeping on top of 7 different schedules for 7 different artists and then organising events on top of that.

“But it’s not hard work if you love what you do.”

Despite the long process Oliver has been very busy so far with the record label started saying “The most rewarding part so far was selling out the first Boogie Wonderland, club nights are something I’ve never done before but something I’ve always wanted to do.

“On the day of the event I was sat in my kitchen with my mum when the online ticket allocation sold out and it was absolutely brilliant.”

“I get a few emails a week off people asking to be a part of what we’re doing which is amazing to see.

“On the label side of things, we are pretty settled with the artists that we have on the roster but we’re always looking for bands to fill live show slots in Manchester.”

The label has a number of events coming up including,

Boogie Wonderland – 15-02

REAVE single – late February

GREYY EP – March,

with more also on the way.

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