vandals salford park

Amongst the violent weather across the weekend, Vandals took to a local Salford Park in Walkden.

On the 8th of February, walkers discovered a blue wheelie bin burnt to the ground by suspected Salford Vandals.

Parr Fold Park, located near Salford College, saw the children’s play area in a disastrous conditions, as the plastic from the bins melted into the ground.

Parr Fold Park

The Friends of Parr Fold Park took to Facebook to reveal the vandalism to the community. The revelation left one hundred Walkden Residents responding to the post in outrage.

Vandals latest hobby; burning residents wheelie bins.

One local commented, “Mindless people or mindless kids? Not to jump to conclusions but I’m seeing it more and more recently.”

Upset about the re-occurrence of Salford Vandals, Cheryl Lamaris, stated “It makes my blood boil that people think this is deemed as acceptable behavior!

“Surely someone must have seen this happen and can get these mindless idiots reported!”

Parr Fold has not been the only park to suffer Vandalism recently. This is not the only park in Salford to fall victim to vandals. Likewise, Salford Vandals have been seen to destroy other areas of Salford, including Peel Park. Furthermore, Salford resident Christine Hignett stated, “Both mine and my neighbours blue bins were taken last weekend and burnt.”

“Part of the problem is kids are out till early hours, are cold and have nowhere to go.”

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