The local charity, Inspiring Communities Together (ICT), is hosting a lunch on Friday 14 February to chat about managing a healthy lifestyle.

The event will be at 11am-12.30pm in The Orchard, and everyone is welcome, even those who are not regular visitors.

This is the chance for the community to learn about eating well, having an active lifestyle and, overall, keeping healthy. A hot lunch is also available to buy for only £2.50.

Andrea Whelan, development worker at ICT, said: [The community] should come and find out what we’re doing. It’s a café and social eating space. You can come and have a brew.

“It’s not about ‘I don’t know that space, I can’t go in and use it’. It’s about reaching the community and taking away the stigma [that The Orchard is only for those who seek recovery from substance abuse].”

If you’re interested or would like more details, you can contact 0161 743 3625.

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