Forever Knife Amnesty

Knives, needles, scissors and airgun pellets were found during a police sweep of Langworthy Park on Saturday (February 15).

The image of the findings was posted on Greater Manchester Police’s Salford social media page with the caption “Recovered from Langworthy Park during a knife sweep and no longer on the streets of Salford. You can dispose of knives by placing them in the knife amnesty bin at Swinton Police Station #foreveramnesty

GMP Knife crime image
Copyright by GMP. Posted on social media. 17/02/2020

The haul was exposed as a play about the challenges of knife crime among young people is touring the region, including Salford.

John O’Neill, writer of the production #GetHelp, said: “I think it’s relatable to anybody, knife crime. We cant shy away from it. It’s happening quite a lot and it’s happening in places you don’t expect to happen with people you don’t assume or associate to that kind of lifestyle. So yeah I think it’s affecting everybody, and the play is for everybody that’s why we are doing a community performance.”

Knife crime stats, created by Katie Bruton

Knife amnesty bins are located all over Greater Manchester at local police stations as part of the ‘Forever Knife Amnesty’ campaign

Greater Manchester Police’s Superintendent Chris Downey said in a press release: “Our aim is to understand why people are carrying knives and work to dispel the myth that knives are essential to keeping you safe.”

The ‘Forever Knife Amnesty’ campaign sees ten amnesty bins permanently placed in police stations over the region and allows people to dispose of knives in a safe and anonymous way at any time of the day.

GMP continues to tackle the rise in knife crime with constant knife sweeps and campaigning.

For more information and support regarding knife crime click here.

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