Salford residents are being encouraged to have their say following the Irwell flood risk caused by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. 

The Irwell Catchment Partnership are appealing for Salford residents to voice their opinion on the state of the river Irwell.

It is feared the river has become polluted and still at a risk of flooding.

The environment agency has an ongoing consultation in which Salford residents can express their thoughts.

The consultation asks all participants to answer a series of questions about what they feel can and should be done in the future to keep rivers from being flooded or contaminated.

The river Irwell flows through Salford and much of the Greater Manchester area.

The Irwell flood risk comes from the damage done by Storm Ciara and Dennis earlier this month.

Because of the terrible weather, the river burst its banks in both Bury and Ramsbottom.

Salford fared much better however, thanks to the £10m flood defence at Littleton Road. Though the river did reach a dangerously high level.

The River Irwell was at a risk of flooding in Salford following Storm Ciara.
Image Credit-Ethan Walford

Flood defence schemes across the Country have been heavily criticised, with particular blame being aimed towards the government for a lack of action over the high levels of flooding caused by Storm Ciara.

Since Storm Dennis passed, the Partnership has published some alarming statistics:

They tweeted that “20% of pollution in GM rivers comes from our towns and cities.” and “40% of water bodies in GM are impacted by pollution from rural areas.”

Floods create a high risk of pollution in local rivers, as sewage and water waste can contaminate the river.



The consultation period over the river is set to close on the 24th of April. Salford residents are encouraged to respond on how they feel the river Irwell can be better suited for them.
It can be accessed here.

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