Salford City Council says it wants to build thousands of new solar panels in the area, as a part of the city’s plans to create more renewable energy sources.

Kenyon Way, located in Little Hulton, is the proposed site for this solar farm, with approval meaning an estimated 5,904 panels will be installed.

Salford City Council aim to construct a new solar farm in the Little Hulton area. Image Credit-Councillor Derek Antrobus

Also planned is the construction of a new hydro power source in the Charleston area of Salford.

Salford’s renewable energy plans for part of Greater Manchester’s ‘5 year environmental plan’.

The plan envisions “greater local community renewable energy, cleaner air, water, and greenspace for all.”

The plans for Little Hulton and Charleston will help Salford’s stated aim, published in 2015, to “(reduce) carbon emissions and save money by becoming more energy efficient and by generating renewable energy”.

Bryan Blears, former Green Party Parliamentary candidate, voiced his approval.

He said: “It sounds great to me that we are moving to more renewable energy.”

The Swinton North Councillor Derek Antrobus is a lead Member for ‘Planning and Sustainable Development’ in Salford.

Mr Antrobus, when discussing the solar farm plans, said: “It’s great what we’re doing and we are ahead of others.”

But Mr Antrobus feels that more can be done to promote a green environment.

“It is nowhere near good enough,” he said.

“It’s not just the Council, but businesses, individuals, voluntary groups also have to step up the mark.”

Paul Dennett, the current Mayor of Salford, took to Twitter to express his support for the plans.

For more information, this infographic below explains the effects and benefits of a solar farm in Salford.



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