‘The little green deli’ launched in Salford in November and has gone from strength to strength in its opening few months.

Amy Shields, owner of the bar and deli, expressed why she wanted to start this exciting new business, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, it’s just never been the right time. I envisioned a warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere with good food and drink that isn’t just about making money. I care more about the quantity of my food/ drink ,and making sure people wish to come back.”

Image Credit: Little Green Deli

“I am very proud to say that I am a sole trader, of course I have had some help from family and friends. If it wasn’t for my dad the shop wouldn’t look as good as it does.”

The deli has proved to be a hit and something that local’s in the Salford area will want to see do well, “We Pride ourselves on selling local produce and supporting other local businesses.

“We have on offer ‘Salford Roasters coffee’, ‘4 sister gin’, ‘7 brothers beers’ , ‘hidden gem gin and rum’ , ‘the Salford rum company’, ‘Booch’ and ‘Brew Kombucha’, a sparking health drink made from loose leaf tea, they have just been on ‘the one show’ (BBC).

“Our wines are all from Italy and are high quality. When we start to sell food everything will be homemade and fresh, we are just in the middle of doing the menu.”

Amy has lauded the attention and support she’s received from the public, “The reaction from the public has been completely overwhelming, I already have regulars and the reviews have all been so lovely.

“Everyone who has come in has said it’s what the height has needed for years.

“The biggest part is being able to listen to what the community would like.

“I’ve met so many new people who I probably would never have had a conversation with if it wasn’t for the little green deli/ bar and look forward to welcoming many more.”

Image Credit: The Little Green Deli

Speaking on the future of the business, Amy has outlined how she wants the business to move forward, “I’m really looking forward to learning new thing in this exciting new venture.

“I don’t see my inexperience as a negative but as an opportunity, to grow my knowledge and also feedback from the community, I want to know what my customers want and really value their input.

“I have taken my time before deciding on my regular drinks and listened to feedback, now I’m pretty much set what I’m stocking it’s time to concentrate on my food and get that perfect over the next couple of months.

“l also want to start a book club, maybe a jazz night, live singers, Graf sessions and an outdoor seating area.

“I’ve got loads of ideas but I’ll see what the feel is of people and what they want.

“Hopefully we will be offering cocktails as well soon.”


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