On Wednesday morning Sounds From The Other City announced that The University of Salford will host part of the one day festival.

Sounds From The Other City is a celebration of the music, performance and art of Salford.

Fittingly it’s coming to a brewing ground of new faces in the arts by hosting part of the one day festival at the University of Salford.

The university joins the likes of Chapel Street as hosts to the music festival.

Maxwell Hall at the University of Salford’s Peel Park Campus, will be home to multiple acts.

The venue will be home to a show ran by music promoters Now Wave and Manchester bar and music venue YES.

Maxwell Hall hasn’t been used as a music venue for many years but in the past The Smiths, U2 and Motörhead have played there.

Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar helped bring the festival to the university and is offering a limited number of discount tickets to students.

Students and alumni alike are very excited about the announcement with one alumni saying: “I always said when I was at Salford they should bring the hall back as a music venue.”

Tickets for Sounds From The Other City 2020 can be found here.

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