Salford’s housing crisis could be eased as a result of a new bid to close the North-South divide, according to Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.

The UK2070 commission report launched at the University of Salford in MediaCity on 27th February.

They called on the government to invest £200 billion to help strengthen local economies in disadvantaged towns.

Mr Burnham said: “Why don’t all political parties, all leaders and get their names on the declaration today, show the British public that there is now a serious long-term cross party consensus about levelling up the country so that we can come back as a nation and all areas can rise together.

“This is our moment, if we do what we do best, stick together and stay positive, a better future is surely ours.

“I’ve been waiting all of my political life and it’s finally here.”

The report highlighted a growing housing crisis across Salford and Greater Manchester.

Mr Burnham added that he hoped publication of the report would now spur the government into action to provide funding to help ease the situation.

He said: “National infrastructure which is crucial for the functioning of society and the economy.

“We have a housing crisis where people can’t access housing they can afford, so the call is, free people like me up so that we have got funding and powers just to get on and build council houses.

“That is what I would do, I would do it tomorrow if I could.”

Chair Lord Kerslake, former head of the civil service, has called on the government to “go big or go home” in a bid to tackle inequality and social division within the country.

Currently, in Salford, 43 per cent of households cannot afford to rent or buy houses which has contributed to the huge increase in homelessness and rough sleeping.

The report is being supported by a number of independently elected mayors alongside Burnham who are each focusing on different elements which are driving regional inequality in the UK.

Mr Burnham announced his support: “Well I’ve signed the declaration and I challenge the Prime Minister to do the same.”

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