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This weekend, Adam Furdak, owner of the Salford Vitamin Shop celebrated eight years of helping people embark on their fitness journeys.

Mr Furdak said: “I enjoy giving advice to people, what they should do, what sort of supplements they should take to have the best achievements.”

He believes the Lower Broughton shop offers invaluable advice which online shops cannot, because finding the correct supplement to suit your needs is “very individual.”

Mr Furdak has been passionate about fitness ever since he started playing sport in primary school but he now focuses on gym training and Thai boxing.

He wants to use this passion to encourage and advise others on how to stay healthy.

“Just start, whatever level you are just start first. Don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed, just go to the gym.”

The Salford Vitamin Shop, in addition to fitness supplements, sells aids for improving brain function, sleep and mental health including increasingly popular CBD products.

According to our surveys, 46% of people in Salford have used fitness or health supplements, with 29% reporting frequent use.

Christopher Dunn, a loyal customer of the vitamin shop, loves the friendly atmosphere which you cannot get when shopping online.

He said: “It’s not just a shop, you kind of get a bit of advice as well when you come in.

“You get to know people behind the counter.”

“I like coming in, bit of advice, bit of gossip about whatever is going on in the industry.”

salford vitamin shop
Christopher Dunn – Image Credit: Eleni Evangelinos

After having kids at a young age, Mr Dunn and his wife decided to begin their fitness journeys.

The advice they received from Mr Furdak at the store was crucial to getting the confidence to start exercising.

“When you first start off you go into the gym and you’re a little bit scared of asking for advice.

“The best thing to do is try and speak to someone, one of the main things I did was come in here and speak to people.”

Mr Furdak and the Vitamin Store team will be holding samplings of their products in local gyms and Salford university in upcoming months.

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