Opera North’s version of the 19th century thriller is due to arrive at The Lowry next week.

The Turn of The Screw tells the story of a country house which is haunted by menacing spirits.

The newest governess of the house has been hired by the uncle of two children in order for her to take care of them.

The governess instantly takes a shine to Flora and Miles, the children but feels uncomfortable living in a house that she believes is haunted.

It’s not long before she begins to see strange things in and around the house, including the ghost of a pale-faced, red-haired man. After telling the housekeeper of her experiences, she is shocked to learn it is the ghost of the former valet of the house who died there in mysterious circumstances.

Credit- The Turn of the Screw

The governess takes it upon herself to protect the children however things become worse when she sees another ghost- this time the ghost of the former governess. As the two children are lured into the woods by the ghosts, it is down to the Governess to try and save them.

The opera is based on Henry James’ 1898 horror novel with Benjamin Britten adapting it into a chamber opera in the 1950’s.

With themes of corruption and innocence, the psychological thriller is directed by Alessando Talevi who has previously worked on famous works such as La Traviata and Don Giovanni.

Talevi uses the music to portray the darkness of the thriller, with the sound being used to build tension and atmosphere throughout.

Credit- The Turn of the Screw

This production is yet another in Opera North’s infamous repertoire and promises to be “a terrifying, edge-of-your-seat thriller”, it is without doubt that audience members are in for a frightening evening.

The Turn of the Screw will be at The Lowry for one night only on Wednesday 11th March.

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