Police have issued advice on how to protect homes after a string of burglaries in Salford.

Burglars are using a new tactic called lock snapping to target Swinton and Little Hulton homes, warns the Greater Manchester Police.

Lock snapping is when the housing of the lock is removed using force, exposing the lock’s cylinder and allowing clamps to be attached in order to snap the barrel.

Heat can also be used to melt the plastic casing.

Intruders can gain entry in less than 30 seconds using this method, which is often used to steal car keys.

A representative from GMP Swinton and Little Hulton said that the “vast majority” of burglaries from December 2019 involved lock snapping:

“We are doing all we can to target the offenders; however a large part of tackling burglary is around crime prevention and target hardening too.

“If a property can be made less desirable and harder to enter; coupled with the chances of them being caught, then offenders would be less likely to try.

“[Studies show that] houses with less security measures were 6 times as likely to experience burglaries.”

Police are urging Salford residents to purchase anti-snap locks, which are priced around £30, and to ensure your lock is installed properly.

A lock snapped door               Credit: Damon Smith

Salford-based locksmith Damon Smith, 39, said lock snapping is “used quite often to gain entry on homes around Salford”.

The Lockforce worker offers advice on how best to prevent lock snapping:

“Having good quality and correctly fitted anti snap locks which are Diamond-approved or TS007 standard such as an Ultion cylinder prevents the lock snapping in most cases, as well as high security door handles such as “lock locks” from Brisant”

Smith recommends to install a hard-wired CCTV system and security lights to deter burglars.

Read more advice from the Greater Manchester Police about how to keep your home safe here.

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