Salford pandemic

A local organisation is appealing to the people of Salford to come together and support the most vulnerable in the city during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Salford CVS, an organisation that support a diverse range of people within the community, have partnered with Salford City Council and NHS Salford CCG to establish a route for donations to support Salford’s most vulnerable people through these difficult times.

They have rapidly started to support individuals during this time through either remote working, phone calls and digital approaches as well as by a host of front-line workers ensuring services are delivered.

However, stresses are starting to show, and the sector does face challenges in the short to medium term.

This has led to the appeal for donations through a Just Giving page.

The fundraiser has already raised over £3,200 to help support people who need it during these unprecedented times, but they are hoping to reach a target of £20,000.

CEO of Salford CVS, Alison Page said: “Your support no matter how small will make a valuable difference.

“The fund raised through this appeal will not just enable the continuation of services at this difficult time of crisis but more importantly we will have a thriving voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to continue to support the people of Salford as we move forward”

Voluntary work has become important as many organisations are working to deliver food to those who are unable to go to supermarkets and more recently 600,000 people have pledge to help the NHS volunteer service.

At time of writing, Salford has 92 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

All the funds raised will be distributed to different VCSE organisations across the city to help address the health and wellbeing needs of those most vulnerable in the city.

You can donate to page on their Just Giving Page.

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