Three children of an NHS key worker for North West Ambulance Service have decided to make some inspiring gifts for NHS staff to help keep up their morale and show appreciation for them during the current Coronavirus global pandemic we are all experiencing.

Crafty siblings; Ethan, 13, Kasey, 11, and Caleb, 10 from Little Hulton have decided to put their time spent at home, under the current national lockdown rules, to creative good use by making key-rings for NHS workers.

Key-rings for NHS workers. Credit: Holly Pritchard.

Their auntie, Lynsey Turner-Swift, and cousins, Nicole and Lexi, have also created a couple of rainbow drawings to place on their uncle’s ambulance for everyone to see and to make people smile.

Proud father and uncle, John Horrocks, an Ambulance Care-Assistant for Patient Transport at NWAS describes what both drawings symbolise: “The dark clouds represent dark times for the NHS but we will come out of it.”

Rainbow picture. Credit: Holly Pritchard.

The rainbows symbolise hope and positivity with many children across Salford painting rainbows and placing them in their front windows at home to show a message of brighter days to come.

Rainbow badge and key-ring with inspiring quote: “Just keep swimming”. Credit: Holly Pritchard.

Mr. Horrocks’ neighbour, Helen Maher, who does arts and crafts, has also created some rainbow badges for frontline workers to wear and remind them of brighter days to come. They are given in little paper gift-bags with positive messages written on them such as: “Keep going, you’re fantastic”.

Patient Transporter for NWAS, Kris Lythgoe. Credit: Holly Pritchard.

Ambulance Care Assistant for Patient Transport, Kris Lythgoe who also works for NWAS across Salford and Manchester tells of the kindness and support that has been shown from the public: “It’s amazing that at a horrible time like this, we can come together and do really nice things for each other.

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“Just little things like all the rainbow pictures you see everywhere gives a nice sense of community everywhere you go.”

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