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Challenging times like these call for everyone to play their part  – and one Salford resident has been working non-stop using his birthday present to make vital safety gear.

Alan Cavanagh, who runs Cavanagh 3D Customs, has printed more than 500 face shields and 320 mask adapters already with the printer he was given by his family for his birthday.

Mr Cavanagh, who has been hailed as a ‘jewel in the community’ on social media, said: “There were reported shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and I saw on a few online communities that people were 3D printing the face shields.

“I realised there was a shortage in my community of Little Hulton,” he said.

“I just thought ‘well I’ve got the printer so why not’.”

Mr Cavanagh continued: “I wasn’t in this to make money, it was just to help. So I thought ‘even if it helps to save one life, that’s worth it. Totally worth it’.”

Having already used his own resources and with the support of the public, he has been able to provide PPE to a number of services including Salford Royal, Aintree University Hospital and various care homes.

He said: “I’m incredibly proud. I’ve got a good group of friends around me, I think it was my friend Sara who notified people and set up the GoFundMe page just to try and help with the cost of materials.

“Without their support, I don’t think I could have done it.

“The support of my kids as well has been immense”.

After all of the PPE has been supplied, any of the remaining funds will go to Captain Tom Moore’s fund to support NHS Charities Together.e

Mr Cavanagh added: “He’s raising an incredible amount of money for an incredible cause so to be able to contribute to that is amazing.”

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  1. Edward bellamy

    Well done Alan proud to have you as a relative to say your doing a great job is an understatement you and the boys have been brilliantstay safe hope I will see you soon

  2. Alan Cavanagh Snr

    So proud of you Son always wishing to give keep up the good work

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