Salford Royal recovery

The wife of a “miracle” man who was given a 20 per cent chance of beating Covid-19 has praised the “phenomenal” Salford Royal recovery team who helped save his life.

Lee Seddon, from Swinton, has defied the odds and is now learning to walk again after a month long battle with the virus.

His delighted wife, Rachel, has spoken to Salford Now about his remarkable recovery and her huge gratitude to the hard-working hospital staff.

Lee Seddon in hospital. Credit: Rachel Seddon

Lee, 45, was taken to Salford Royal Hospital where he tested positive for Covid-19 and ended up on a ventilator.

Despite the grandfather’s 20 per cent chance of survival, he is now making a strong recovery and has been off oxygen for almost 24 hours.

Rachel said: “I’m actually in a very good place at the moment because he’s doing fantastic.

“He’s been off oxygen for nearly 24 hours which is absolutely fantastic. He’s managed to keep his blood levels stable.”

Credit: Rachel Seddon

Rachel explained that Lee has been receiving physiotherapy twice a day to help him walk and rebuild strength.

He has been able to walk a short distance unaided and Rachel described her determined husband as “so positive and focused.”

Credit: Rachel Seddon

She continued to speak about her husband’s recovery after almost losing his life. Lee struggled to move after ventilation, unable to even lift his arm.


Rachel explained: “He’s now walked twice unaided. He usually has a zimmer frame or he’ll be put in a wheelchair.” He has also manage to walk up a few stairs without help.

Exercises have helped with Lee’s recovery, building his upper body strength again.

The family have praised Salford Royal and its ICU staff for their hard work. She said: “They are absolutely amazed by his progress. They said he’s a miracle.

Credit: Rachel Seddon

“Honestly Salford Royal have been absolutely outstanding.” She called the intensive care team “phenomenal” for all the work they have done.

Every day the care team ring families who are unable to visit loved ones.

Rachel continued: “The job that they’re having to do is obviously very difficult and what an absolutely fantastic job they’ve done.

“They excelled themselves. Just so supportive for myself as well, very informative. Absolutely fantastic.”

The ICU team FaceTimed Rachel so that she was able to see her husband’s face. The staff have kept Lee’s spirits high during his time in hospital.

Lee and Rachel Seddon.
Credit: Rachel Seddon.

Rachel praised her own family during this difficult time and explained how the children and grandchildren have been positive and supportive for Lee.

Her friend has also made a journal for him, with information about what he has been through.

She added: “I just want to get the word out there to people. Salford Royal have been absolutely outstanding. I just want to get the information out there to help anybody and understand what the recovery is about because we didn’t have a clue.”

With Lee’s recovery at Salford Royal and improvement so far, his family are hoping he will soon be back home where he belongs.

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