salford window art

Rainbows and hearts made from the words “thank you” and “we love you” now cover the shop windows of Monton.

Local artist Emma Evans has brightened up the high street with her rainbow designs in many shop windows, bringing the street back to life and raising awareness for key workers.

Monton Florist, Photography by Emma Evans.
Twig, Monton. Image Credit: Emma Evans

After spending weeks inside her house, Emma was spurred into action when she ventured out.

She explained: “I went to the post office on the high street and it was really sad to see all the shops closed, the majority of which were independent, and I just wanted to cheer the area up!

“I came up with the idea of creating positive messages on people’s windows, for free, in return for a contribution to Salford Royal. I contacted all the retailers on Monton High Street over Instagram and was overwhelmed with the amount of people who got involved.”

The first window to be completed was The Coffee House & Kitchen on April 25, triggering numerous comments from locals saying that it had really ‘brightened up their day’ and urging her to complete more windows.

The Coffee House in Monton, the first window decorated by Emma.

She has even received requests from locals asking if she would consider drawing on their windows at home, because they enjoy seeing her designs so much on their daily walks.

She said: “It’s a little bit difficult because there are still lots of the retailers windows to finish. So I have created three posters that people can download for free off my website and put in their window.”

Bag Heaven, Monton. Image credit: Emma Evans
salford window art
The Dog Room. Image credit: Emma Evans
salford window art
The Blind Pig window art. Image Credit: Emma Evans.

She added: “The response has been so positive.I just wanted to brighten up the High Street and make people smile. Hopefully giving locals something else to talk about other than all the sad news at the moment!”

Listen to Emma Evans explain her inspiration for creating the window art below:

To download one of the posters, click here.

To donate to Salford Royal NHS fund, click here.


  1. What a beautiful soul! Emma Evans is just wonderful, what a lovely, positive and inspiring gesture. You’ve really brightened up my day. Bug love x

  2. Great article Krista Harris and well done Emma. The windows of Monton look amazing

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