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Local litter-pickers have taken to the streets during lockdown. Some Salfordians, including members of Salford Litter Heroes, have been using their time in lockdown to clean up the streets.

Since lockdown began in the UK, fly-tipping has been an increasing issue in Salford. Danielle Wright, founder of Salford Litter Heroes, has been helping to clean up the mess. She stated that it has been an ongoing issue, despite tips having been reopened.

Miss Wright, 23, said: “People are just dumping.

“They’re doing their houses up and they just don’t know what to do with the waste.

“I did my dissertation on recycling and not a lot of people recycle properly so they just dump it instead. Though, I would say litter has actually decreased, which I think is really good.”

Since Salford Litter Heroes began just over a year ago, Miss Wright estimates they have cleared over 700 bags of litter over the course of 24 litter picks.

Over the cousre of lockdown, she, alone, has collected more than 15 bags of litter.

According to Miss Wright, she’s not the only one who’s taken to cleaning the streets.

She said: “probably over 30 people have contacted me saying they want to get involved with litter-picking. I was originally dropping litter-pickers here, there, and everywhere. Just dropping them off in peoples’ gardens in binbags and such. I’ve got the Council to do it now, but everyone seems to want equipment.”

People have had a variety of reactions to these lockdown litter-picks, says Miss Wright.

She said: “I think some are really positive. Initially, when lockdown first started, someone said I was putting people at risk by going out anf litter-picking. But I was out on my own. I wasn’t touching anybody else and I didn’t come into contact with anyone else. But everyone else has been so positive, just saying things like: ‘I really appreciate it, keep it up’. You do get comments like that more often.”

Credit: Salford Litter Heroes and Danielle Wright

If anyone is interested in trying it out themselves, Miss Wright has some advice: “Everyone that’s been getting equipment, I’ve told them to get it from the Council and leave the rubbish bags next to a council bin.

“If that’s not possible, leave it outside their house and tell the Council its at that address.”

“The best way to get equipment is to either contact Salford Litter Heroes, or their neighbourhood manager.”

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