Emma Evans

A display of Salford window art has captured the hearts of passers by. Emma Evans has received praise from the community for her bright, uplifting window doodles, with many saying it made their day.

The Salford window art covers 18 shopfronts on Monton high street, raising a total of £650 for Salford Royal hospital.

Emma said: “A lot of my friends are doctors and nurses, so I felt helpless compared to them.

But I felt that this is the one way I could contribute with my skill set to help the situation and lift spirits.”

Monton Florist, Photography by Emma Evans.

A Monton Primary School teacher responded: “I just wanted to say thank you Emma for cheering me up with your work on Monton high street, it really made my day!

“It looks amazing and I loved how each shop had a design unique to their purpose.”

The Coffee House in Monton, the first window decorated by Emma.

Emma said: “An individual with an online business said that they frequently visited the post office during lockdown, which they found very anxiety-inducing.

“However once the window doodles started popping up, it was a fun distraction and gave them another focus.”

Bag Heaven, Monton. Image credit: Emma Evans

Emma further explained how her Salford window art has been received by the public. She said: “I didn’t realise how much of an impact my window art would have on people’s lives.

“These responses really touched me and that was the reason I wanted to do it in the first place. To bring smiles to peoples faces.”

Emma’s next project…

A collaboration of 40 artists have organised the creation of fun colouring books for the ‘Save our Zoo’ campaign, for the struggling Chester Zoo.

Emma was contacted by the organiser, Emily Chimes, to illustrate a handful of pages for the colouring book in the hope of raising £3000 for the zoo.

Emma said: “It costs £1.6million a month to run Chester Zoo! 97% of their income is from visitors, so due to the pandemic they are really struggling.

“The goal is to raise the money by August 22 2020. We are 75% of the way there! If the colouring books are successful they will eventually be sold in the zoo and on Amazon.”

Emma Evans initial sketches. Photography by Emma Evans.

Emma said: “I didn’t want to illustrate the really cute and obvious ones! So I chose: a giant otter, a warthog, a mandrill monkey and a chameleon.”

Emma Evans ‘Save our Zoo’ colouring book pages.

The colouring books start at £10, click here to buy yours and help save the zoo.

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