Two Salford residents have shared their experiences of how the Covid-19 outbreak has effected them mentally, physically and financially.

Zach, 26, like many others was laid off from his job at the start of the pandemic. He believes that despite this, he and his girlfriend are lucky because they’ve managed to avoid eviction from their property.

He states: “Physically, all I’ve done is sit and eat. That’s what 90 per cent of the country has been doing.

“I can’t complain too much about it mentally. I’ve got my girlfriend, I’ve got family I can FaceTime. I’m one of the lucky ones. It must be really hard for anyone who has to isolate on their own.”


Sophie, 21, a recent graduate from Salford University, says she found adapting to the situation “very hard”.

The timing of the pandemic was awful.

“Obviously a pandemic is never a good thing, but for me personally it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“My job told me they couldn’t afford to pay me and had to cut my hours. I had no money coming in.

“As far as university is concerned, it really impacted because it was the most important part of my degree.”

This had a negative effect on her mental health, at a time where she was already feeling strained.

When asked how she would feel if Salford went back into a localised lockdown, she said: “I think I’d really struggle with that. If I had to stay in this house I think it would be very dangerous for me as a person.”

In these extraordinarily testing times, help is at hand across Salford from official channels and community efforts.



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