As lockdown restrictions ease litter-picking heroes are having to move in to clean up after messy visitors to Salford Quays.

The final product

Salford Quays has become increasingly popular among visitors as more restaurants pop up in the area.

The Quays has an array of popular bars and restaurants as well as a stunning view of the waterfront.

However, with more visitors comes more litter as resident Heather Shopland has discovered.

The littering has seemed to worsen as lockdown has eased, particularly around the waterfront.

The location seems to have become popular for youths as the hot weather has hit the UK.

To tackle the litter issue, Heather sent out a message to the Salford Quays Forum on Facebook asking for help.

She said: “Once I realised the extent of the litter issue in the carpark alongside The Beefeater, I realised that I really couldn’t do this on my own!”

Heather arranged a meeting for those interested in clearing up the litter, and 20 people came to offer their help.

“On the first event we cleared around 50 bags of waste, but there was still a lot more to clear,” she said.

Bags of litter collected by the team.

The events, run by Heather, have been occurring fortnightly over summer to help with the littering.

“Our second event generated a further 70+ bags of waste plus other items, such as a bed base,” says Heather.

The latest litter picking event had help from Mayor Paul Dennett and Councillor Tanya Burch.

The community has accumulated more than 70+ bags of litter during the pickings.

Salford Council has also provided the litter picking events with equipment such as litter pickers and bags.

The community effort has seen a great improvement in the area but the littering seems to continue.

“We do have numerous waste bins, but it has been recognized that there aren’t enough,” says Heather.

The council is now sending out several new bins to be installed into the area and residence hope this will make a difference and discourage visitors from littering.

But as they wait, the community continue to pull together to clear up the Quays.

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  1. Litter picker

    Hi Heather good work, at the Quays Same battle for years here in lower Broughton, I’ve give up, think I will re locate from Salford altogether, the sooner the council revert back to stiff brush & Shovel, mothball those darn silly pickers the better, they are useless waste of time & resources.. Have a word with
    Paul Dennett & Tanya Burch ! It’s comical watching the antics of supposed street cleaners with the equipment supplied in this the 21st Century. And yes litter bins are far to scarce in the appropriate locations.
    None outside , or En Route to Riverside school Or bus stop on Broughton lane!!

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