Salford White Lives Matter

A ‘White Lives Matter’ banner has been found covering a ‘Welcome to Salford’ sign on The Quays.

The map is adjacent to a mural that celebrates and demonstrates the diversity of Salford.

It has been located across from The Alchemist in MediaCityUK.

Salford has a population of over 250,000 with 14 percent being part of an ethnic minority group.

This week marks the 25th Anniversary of Hate Crime Awareness Week which is a campaign to stop hate crimes and to bring communities together.

Earlier in the year, the Black Lives Matter movement arose after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, US.

This case collected a lot of media attention as people started to realise the scale of injustice towards black communities by American law enforcement.

There were protests across the world and millions of people signed petitions to support the cause.

Due to the global pandemic, many people showed their support via social media by posting information to their followers and contributed to #blackouttuesday.



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However, people have shown opposing views on the matter after a football game in June 2020 when a plane flew over the Etihad Stadium with a banner reading ‘White Lives Matter Burnley!’

In response to this, Burnley FC fans created a fundraiser for the Stephen Laurence Trust who was a young black teenager and was murdered in a racially motivated attack whilst waiting for the bus.

Along with the rest of Greater Manchester, Salford is attempting to become as diverse as possible.

Salford City Council have said that they are ‘committed to making the city a welcoming, tolerant and thriving place to live.’

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