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Residents across Salford have been encouraged to walk independently in their bubbles or with family to help banish lockdown blues.

Lockdown is proving difficult for many, especially those struggling with their mental health, the thought of not being able to see family or friends can be daunting.

Whilst self-isolating may protect individuals from catching or spreading the virus, it is undoubtedly going to cause some loneliness.

According to loneliness increased from 16% to 24% during the lockdown.

Walking groups such as Walking for All – Salford and the Manchester and Salford Ramblers have encouraged people to walk independently despite organised walks being cancelled.

Interview with Maggie Smith from Patryk Bialkowski on Vimeo.

Maggie Smith, Manchester and Salford Ramblers walk co-ordinator has said:

“It keeps me sane, especially at the moment with the lockdown. It’s very easy to get fed up of your own company.

“I only have to be out for a few minutes in a green space and your body starts take in your surroundings and feel how lovely it is”.

Research done by has shown that ecotherapy programmes have helped 7 in 10 people, 69%, experience significant increases in wellbeing.

Jamie Docherty, 24, a local Salfordian has said: “This lockdown has obviously been harder due to losing someone, last time I spent the lockdown with that person.

“I’ve just been trying to keep busy, trying to go on walks, when you stay in the house for too long it makes it a lot worse”.

He has recommended others to go out for walks to help with their mental health.

“I think it’s good to stay active, keep yourself busy rather than being in the house all the time. Even just getting out in the sun, helps to boost your mood”.

Here are some of the top parks you should visit, to help you cope during this lockdown.

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