Worsley’s Roe Green Loopline walk route has become popular for staying healthy during lockdown.

With people walking their dogs, cycling and running through the route it began to feel lively again.

Worsley’s Loopline has seen a resurgence in use as people begin adapt to lockdown conditions, so much so that it had gained the attention of the Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett.

With the past months being dominated by Covid and it’s impact on the locals of Worsley, many people have been unable to keep up with their health, especially with many facilities such as gyms and activity centres being closed due to health risks.

The loopline found it’s place in the pandemic as a place where people could be outside and conduct themselves safely and distanced.

In order to give a perspective on the amount of space the route occupies it has been mapped out by the areas that gain the most traction along the 7 km path.

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7 Kilometres of the Roe Green Loopline routed out.

Worsley have found lots of usefulness and utility in having an 11.4 km route in the area have given praise for it’s contribution to their travels/health.

The route is a great contribution to helping Worsley be more eco-friendly and enables it’s residents to also travel with a small carbon footprint.

For some residents, it is an essential part of their daily travels giving them an alternate way to travel that is easy and functional.


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