The Crescent Masterplan hopes to hear your ideas on how you want to change Salford for the better.

On 28th October if you are aged 14-18, you can attend an online event to share your ideas for where you live.

The event will be held on Zoom and will discuss the major changes to how the area will look over the next 15-20 years.

Check the event out here.

Is there something you want to change about Salford?

You can share your ideas on their idea wall called Social Pinpoint.

Here there are five different colour-coded categories: Economy & Employment, Poverty & Inequality, Health & Social Care, Climate Emergency and Culture & Creativity.

You can simply click on the category that best fits the idea and post a comment or you can interact and respond to other people’s ideas.

A thing that comes up multiple times is that they want Salford to feel like it’s for the locals, with many opportunities here for them.

These comments show this importance, “Salford is a diverse place, with lots of different communities – hyper-local, identity, interest – so we need to make sure we create opportunities to listen to lots of voices.” and “Need offers that entice and are exciting to a broad range of local people. Not all local people want to take a traditional route to employment. Lots of entrepreneurs out there with energy misplaced.”

The want for more opportunities that are catered to young people is popular too, “Young people in Salford need to feel that developments in Salford are FOR them and INCLUDE them. Training and progression pathways are key – the role of local charities such as ICT, Broughton Trust, Salford Foundation, etc is crucial in this.”

The need for green spaces is mentioned again and again, “The community should be at the forefront. It would be great to embed spaces of green environments that would allow communities to gather, create and use these spaces. Examples include community garden patches, community cafes (utilising this gardening produce) and shops (selling products from small businesses).”

The importance of more green spaces is shown on the social value map.

Social Pinapoint Map taken from

This is shown through the comment on the Buile Hill marker saying, “Buile Hill Park is one of the last outdoor spaces left in this part of Salford for the public. Salford is becoming so built up with all the new housing developments, and older houses being taken up to be used as HMOs, not to mention the added parking/traffic and consequent health problems. People need somewhere to go that isn’t bad for your health. The mansion in the park used to be a lovely place to visit, when it was looked after.”

Also in the comment, “The Meadow and Peel Park are key green assets serving the local area. With investment in improved access to The Meadow in particular to serve the wider City Centre area. Peel Park and The Meadow provide the largest concentration of green space in the Regional Centre.”

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