Salford tier 3

People in Greater Manchester are to be moved into Tier-3, being the first region where this would be imposed, rather than agreed.

These restrictions will take effect from Friday, just after midnight.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had described the prevalence of the virus as “uneven” amongst regions across the UK, and all measures taken against regions in Tier-3 were to try and avoid a national lockdown.

He also said that the Job Support Scheme means those affected by business closure will still be paid, and with Universal Credit they will receive 80% of their full income.

Greater Manchester will receive an additional 22 million alongside the 1 billion pounds provided for local authorities, more than 43 million less than the minimum local leaders in Manchester were willing to accept during negotiations. 

In a previous press conference today outside Bridgewater Hall, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said talks had broken down, and from 2pm today there had been no communication between local leaders and the government. 

He had also said he was still willing to do a deal with the government, but that the terms the government had offered does not do enough to protect those living in Greater Manchester.

The sticking point of negotiations were how much Greater Manchester would receive from the government, with local leaders originally asking for 90m by the end of the financial year. This was eventually lowered to 65m, Burnham says, but no deal was made. 

“We are asking a lot of the public at this difficult time and we need to carry them with us, not crush their spirit.

“We need national unity and that is why I now look to Parliament to intervene and make a judgement on a fair financial framework for tier-three lockdowns.

“Because make no mistake, this was not just about Greater Manchester. All parts of the country may find themselves in a tier-three lockdown at some point this winter.”

“We took this stand for you. We will carry on fighting for you. We will carry on putting your health first. But health is more than the virus. We will support people’s health in the broadest possible sense.

“So tough days lay ahead. Please, everybody, observe the law at all times and follow the public health advice. Above all else, please look out for each other, as I know you will.”

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