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Danielle Allen has been a Clubbercise instructor at Bridgewater Studios in Eccles since September.

Her classes are taught in a darkened room with disco lights, and their trademark LED glow sticks.

She is asking you to participate in an online, Clubbercise fundraiser tonight to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Ms. Allen said: “I was inspired to do the event while looking through social media.

“I came across the Wear it Pink charity scheme, and I realised I was in a great position to contribute towards this.

“I would like the people of Salford and Greater Manchester to know that they are all welcome to the event whether or not you have been directly affected by Breast Cancer.

“I feel we have great community sense in Manchester and would like to see everybody coming together to support such a worthy cause.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: October (Copyright: Pixy)

Research led by Breast Cancer Now in 2018 revealed that less than half (48%) of British women surveyed were regularly checking their breasts for signs of Breast Cancer.

While almost one in ten (8%) had never checked at all.



Ms. Allen said: “My primary purpose for the event is to raise awareness of Breast Cancer.

“Even if seeing the event posted on social media reminds somebody to check up on themselves, I will be happy.

“It is a bonus that by doing the Zoom event, I am raising money towards the Breast Cancer Now fundraising pot.”

She continued: “Although not Breast Cancer specifically, I have witnessed first-hand the kind of suffering cancer can cause within a family.

“It was a challenging time which will forever weigh heavy on my heart.”

Wear it Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day 2020 (Copyright: Pikist)

Ms. Allen said: “If you would like to book onto the session, please inbox the Facebook page Clubbercise – Eccles – with Danielle Allen; alternatively, you can email me at

“The session costs £6 and is donated to the pot.

“The class will be accessed on Zoom tonight at 6:45 pm until 7:30 pm.

“Your Zoom ID is sent to you upon enquiry and donation.

“As we are supporting the Wear it Pink campaign, I am asking participants to wear something pink!

“I will be donning a bright pink tutu skirt and will be wearing neon face paint.”

Ms. Allen concluded: “If you do not wish to attend the event, but would like to donate, I would greatly appreciate it.”

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