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The Galleries at The Lowry showcasing the The Art & The Artist by LS Lowry are set to re-open for weekend visits from November 1st.

The new selection of Salford’s own LS Lowry showcases works from the artist best known for his crowded city streets and vast empty landscapes.

A large selection is on display in there permanent exhibition of The Art & The Artist alongside other works on loan from private collections across the UK.

Exhibitions are set to be open from 11am-4pm every weekend showcasing the works of LS Lowry alongside the ‘Days Like These’ exhibition.

Guest exhibitions have been a big part of the Galleries in the past showcasing international exhibitions.

International exhibition ‘The State of Us’ (November-February) took a look at the relationship between humanity with technology with focus on the disconnect between truth and fantasy.

Girl Gang Manchester’s ‘Everything I Know, I Felt’ (March-April) explored the diverse emotional experiences of womxn and celebrated  ‘big feelings in all their messy, multifaceted glory.’

Now the work being showcased is that of ‘Days Like These’ a previously online exhibition which looks at life in Salford during 2020 through paintings, photography, films, and poetry.

The exhibition is made of contributions from many of Salford residents – from empty Salford streets and the joy of reuniting, to the impact of frontline workers and the theme of loneliness.

‘Days Like These’ aims to reflect the hopes and fears of everyone in Salford in 2020 with The Lowry welcoming further contributions from the public since July.

A one-way system has been installed at the Galleries along with a reduced capacity of 6 people max to ensure that social distancing ca be maintained at the venue.

Visitors must pre-book their ticket times but thankfully the Galleries are completely free, but donations are always welcome.

You can pre-book tickets for the Galleries or live theatre performances here.

For more information about how The Lowry is coping with COVID-19 click here.

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