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The University of Salford sports teams have made many changes to the way in which they play team sports during a pandemic

With the latest government guidelines sports teams have had to adjust the way they hold meetings, practices and play games.

Secretary of the University of Salford Women’s Rugby Union, Madison Radford, said: “It feels weird being back because a lot has changed because obviously, we can’t do any contact, we can’t do any tackling, so it’s a lot harder to try and figure what we can actually do.

“A lot of it now is just playing touch games, where you can only really touch with one hand, and after that, you need to anti-bac your hands.

“So it’s a lot of getting back into it, but it just feels good to be back with the team more than anything. We really missed each other and we’re so glad we’re back.”

Radford adds about the possibility of future games and said: “at this minute in time, we do have some games in place, but they’re only touch […] We’ve got a few tournaments coming up with mixed boys and girls because it’s just touch, so we’re allowed to do so.

“It’s been fun playing with the lads, a bit of a different atmosphere, but like I said, it’s good to be back and doing it, and learn some new skills as well.”

Salford Netball Club. Image credit: Lucy Hill.

For non-contact sports, such as netball, adjustments are easier to make.

Chair of the University of Salford’s Netball Club, Aoife O’Mahony, said: “today’s session was our first session for our social netballers who are our non-competitive girls. It was the first session we’ve had this year where our freshers and our seniors get to mix which is very nice.

“It’s quite hard to adapt. We don’t have a court; we have a whole new post that we have to set up. But it’s good, I think everyone’s really enjoying being out and playing because at least we can.

“Unfortunately, we can’t play inside anymore […] we’re now training outside and I think everyone’s really enjoying it.”

Women’s Rugby Union. Image credit: Lucy Hill.

Fresher netballers, Zahra Bachu and Emily Moore, who have been isolating together for two weeks, share their experience as new players on the Salford sports team.

Bachu said: “It’s not actually changed much. We’re still playing netball, so it’s not too different.”

Moore added: “It still feels like you’re playing netball. Obviously, it’s a bit strange because we have to keep four metres apart and we can’t really mark as we used to, but it’s still fun.”

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