Nearly 500 trees are to be planted across the urban areas of Salford.

Weaste, Eccles, Irlam, Ordsall and Salford city centre are all included in this City of Trees project.

The organisation aims to revive Greater Manchester’s woodland by planting a tree for every person who lives in the city region.

City of Trees team member Pete Stringer said: “Making Salford greener is important for so many reasons.

“There is a growing body of evidence that quantifies how trees and other forms of greenery can improve our resilience to climate change by locking up carbon dioxide.

“Trees and other greenery can also transform the appearance of a place which is good in terms of improving our mental wellbeing but also good for the economy as this can encourage more people to visit our towns and cities and spend their money in local shops, bars and restaurants.”

City of Trees has worked with Salford City Council since 1991 and the local authority has provided nearly £160,000 towards this planting scheme.

They have also secured the equivalent amount of match funding from the Government’s Urban Tree Challenge Fund.

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The trees cost between £150 and £250 to buy, dependent on species.

Additional costs from tree planting come from material costs, such as tree guards, stakes, ties, irrigation pipes and mulch.

The local authority and City of Trees continue to work together to manage new and existing tree resources.

Read more about City of Trees here.


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