More than 100 council homes have got the planning go-ahead in Salford – the first to be built for a decade – but 6,000 people are on the waiting list.

Salford city council has approved planning permission for a total of 82 apartments and 22 houses to be built on vacant land in Ordsall and Pendlebury, including Clifton Green, Ryall Avenue and Brassington Avenue.

Salford Mayor Paul Dennett said: “These houses are vital when we have over 700 people living in temporary accommodation and over 6,000 households on our housing waiting list.”

Four three-storey houses and two three-storey apartment blocks with 47 flats were granted planning permission at Clifton Green off The Green.

The virtual meeting waved through a further six houses and two apartment blocks with 35 flats in Ryall Avenue, Ordsall.

Twelve houses on the green space off Brassington Avenue in Ordsall were also approved, despite opposition from neighbours who spoke at the meeting.

Google Maps image of Brassington Avenue, Ordsall, Salford.

Mr Dennett said: “We are pushing ahead with our priority of providing more affordable homes to meet local demand. This is a key priority of mine and something are driving forwards.

“We are in the middle of a housing crisis and need to provide more than 600 affordable homes a year to meet the current need.

“In particular local people need one-bedroomed apartments and thanks to this successful application today those type of apartments will be available soon.”

The homes are planned to be highly energy efficient with thicker insulated walls to help reduce carbon emissions and running costs for future residents.

Local builders and suppliers will be used ‘where possible’ to boost the Salford economy and contractors will be asked to maximise ‘social value.’

Salford City Mayor said: “These are just small steps in the right direction, it is clear we still have a lot to do to tackle the housing and homelessness crisis.”

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