Greater Manchester urban explorer, Martin Zero, has revealed a fascinating look at ‘Wet Earth Colliery’ a magnificently preserved abandoned mine in Clifton, Salford, that can be seen on his YouTube channel amongst other fascinating discoveries across the county. 

Zero always enjoyed exploring old railways and tunnels in Manchester. When he began to put his findings on YouTube and Instagram, he began to receive a lot of attention from fascinated Mancunians.

His YouTube channel now has over 75 thousand subscribers.

He said: “I thought it was just me interested in these often not very pretty places, but I’d put the places on social media and a lot of people would ask me where’s that? As I got into YouTube I realized people were interested in these derelict places.

“Sometimes, just a stone’s throw away from a new modern development in Greater Manchester is a river or tunnel or some other hidden gem that hasn’t been touched for years.”

One such place local to Salford is Wet Earth Colliery. Wet Earth Colliery was a coal mine located on the Manchester Coalfield, in Clifton, Greater Manchester. The colliery site is now the location of Clifton Country Park.

Salford had many of these mines during the industrial revolution but the majority of them disappeared without a trace, however, Wet Earth Colliery remains abandoned but beautifully preserved.

Zero shared: “The amount of remains that are still there are incredible.”


Below is my full interview with Martin Zero where we discuss some of his other explorations, and his passion for exploring Manchester in more detail.



To see more of martin zero’s work go to his YouTube channel which is full of many more fascinating abandoned gems. Just follow the link Martin Zero.

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