This week Salford Foodbank has taken a new initiative by making it easier for people to donate food with a “giftbox” that is located at Media City until March as part of the Box on the Docks scheme.

They have managed to do this by going into partnership with company Peel Land who donated them a new warehouse on Kansas Avenue on the Salford Quays earlier this year.

With links to Manchester-based company Carbon creative, they have been able to design their new charity drop-off box making it easier than ever for the public to donate food parcels to those in need.

Alistair Feakin, Managing Director and Chair of Trustees has said, “A lot more people are unemployed now and this is pushing them into crisis.”

He added, “We jumped at the chance and we’re very excited to see how it goes.”

The higher rates of unemployment are linked mostly to the economic hardship that has been caused by the COVID 19 outbreak and the restrictions that have been put in place because of it.

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Credit: Caleb Staples

Mr. Feakin said, “We have noticed more food parcels are being collected by those in need as people are having to decide should I eat or should I pay the electric.”

Yet thankfully the people of Salford have stepped up to the mark, as the foodbank has noticed a higher amount of donations since the first lockdown started back in March.

If anyone out there is wanting to get involved, the “giftbox” is available for use anytime of day at Media City and there are also donation points at most major supermarkets across the city including Tesco Salford and Sainsbury’s on Regent Road.

Donations such as custard, rice pudding and tinned fruit would be well received as they are in very high demand at the moment due to low supplies.

For those people across the city who are in need of Salford Foodbank’s services, this winter can collect a food voucher from a referral agency and then use this to collect a food parcel from one of the eight distribution centres in the local area.

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