Aspiring musician, Charlie Lewin

Seldom do artists manage to release an entire album by the mere age of 20. Yet Charlie Lewin has done just this, whilst being able to boast and reflect his multitude of talents in his debut album; Up Late Dwelling.

Charlie is an undergraduate student at the University of Salford, studying Media and Performance. His musical prowess disguises the fact that he has never formally studied music at any level.

Lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic have created a new set of challenges for up and coming musicians. Charlie’s series of talents have allowed him to overcome this.

Written, recorded and produced from the comfort of his own student bedroom, the album promises to prick the ears of music fans of all genres.

Charlie has a small collection of music available across all streaming platforms, that highlights his non-conformist attitude to genre in music. From Flame Gang For Life, inspired by SoundCloud rap, to Jaundice, a poppy love song.

Charlie said, “Nowadays, I think it is proven that genre is so irrelevant.

“People like Billie Eilish and The 1975 make one of everything, I find that so interesting.

“I find that bands like Kings of Leon are just really dated.”

Back cover and tracklist for Up Late Dwelling

Charlie’s various influences are reflected across his music, demonstrated by the deliberate avoidance of definitive genre, with sounds spanning from dream-pop, to indie and everything in between.

“I have loads of influences, like Royal Blood, Radiohead are a massive influence for me. I love 90’s Hip-Hop as well which I want to make one day.”

When discussing Up Late Dwelling, which will be released on December 11th 2020, Charlie said: “I don’t really have a fan base as such, I have people that will listen to it, my dad will probably hate it.

“I think the album flows, but there are moments to jar you and make you go ‘what is that’.

“It would bore me so much if I just liked one genre of music and made loads of that – I love making one of everything”

For fans of new music, and music of all genres, be sure to listen to Charlie Lewin’s

Up Late Dwelling, when it is released on all platforms on December 11th. This album promises to perk your curiosity, open your ears to new sounds and put your mind at ease that despite everything in the world today, there will always be a good crop of young and talented artists rising through the musical ranks.

Listen to the full interview below;

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