Eccles town centre has tried to bring some Christmas cheer to locals after the the COVID lockdown ended this month. A huge Christmas tree, festively decorated and guarded with two reindeer has been erected in Eccles town centre this week as locals begin to return to daily life.

Local resident Owen Thornton (29) has said: “I just don’t see the point in it really. I understand wanting to get folks in the spirit and such. But really it just looks like they haven’t tried much. It deflates me if anything.

“I would much rather they spent the money that they spent on this on really taking care of folks over Christmas. “Because people are really struggling over Christmas; especially with COVID. And I know money is tight for everyone right now. So, maybe it could have been spent better.”

Another Eccles local has also added: “it’s a bit naff but at least they’re trying. I seriously doubt they had the money to make it a huge deal but I’m glad the council have at least tried something to band everyone together this Christmas. It could get lonely for some and so I think this is a nice gesture.”

There has also been a Christmas Market themed food stand put up in the Morrison’s Eccles car park where customers can grab an array of foods and hot drinks similar to those you can grab at Manchester Christmas markets, which have also been limited this year.

Christmas Food stand at Morrisons Eccles

Local, Maisie Twigger expressed some joy in the arrival of the stand: “it’s just nice to have something that feels like a Christmas market here. Although 2020 has been a weird year, this makes me feel a bit more comfortable, kind of normal. And I do love Christmas Market food!”

The food stand is situated in front of Morrisons Eccles, car park.

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