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Salford Mayor Paul Dennett said RHS Bridgewater had shown “contrition” after the killing of up to ten deer at the RHS Bridgewater site.

In a statement on his Facebook page also confirmed they have no plans for further deer culls.

RHS Bridgewater is a public garden with plans to open in Spring 2021 in Worsley, Salford.

A joint statement from Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett and Wildlife Champion Cllr Lewis Nelson said: “I can confirm that the RHS recognises mistakes have been made in the decision-making and communications around that decision.

“There are no active plans from the RHS to cull any more of the Roe deer population in Salford.”

The culling of the deer sparked outrage online after many called it ‘sickening and saddening’.

The Mayor also said: “RHS Bridgewater have expressed contrition and regret in relation to recent events.”

Salford Mayor Paul Dennett

In the post, it was explained that future questions will be addressed transparently at the local Community Committee first, including both residents and councillors on the decision.

RHS Garden Bridgewater admitted it has been culling the local roe deer population to ‘limit the significant potential damage to plants, shrubs and trees’ at the Worsley site.

Although there may be discussions over herd management in the future, safeguards will now be in place to prevent action being taken in this manner again.

“An explicit aim of the garden and surrounding area is to increase and expand the biodiversity of our city for many animals – including deer – to thrive,” added the Mayor and Cllr Nelson.

“I hope that over coming months RHS will be able to regain the trust of local residents, living up to its roll as protector of our local wildlife.”

The Salford Mayor concluded that he believes this is a genuine position from the garden.

The petition started by locals to stop the further roe deer culling can be found here.

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