Students have been left shaken as vandals attacked properties with fireworks and set bins alight in Salford.

Amber Jane Mitchell, 19, phoned the emergency services after witnessing a group of around 15 people setting fire to two bins.

The incident occurred between 8 and 9pm on Friday, November 27.

Max Holmes’ bin was vandalised. The 20-year-old said: “When we were watching the fire brigade putting out the bin fire, we could only really laugh at the absurdity of the whole situation.

“What makes someone decide they want to set a bin on fire? A Bin! For the first time it has given us a sense that living here in Salford is actually a bit scary.”

It is not just arson that has shocked people in the area as there have been a number of firework attacks.

Student Sean Corcoran, 20, said: “We heard them [fireworks] going off so went outside to have a look and they were being fired at the row of houses.

“I then went to check my car later and there was two big burn marks on the windows – that are still there, but because there are no cameras there is no one to blame or catch.”

The row of mainly student houses is not the only street affected.

Yazzie Tank, who lives in Lower Broughton, commented on Facebook: “We had our cardboard/paper bin stolen on bonfire night and have had small fireworks thrown through our letterbox before.”

The damage isn’t just to property however as the lethal fumes and smoke released from the bin fires pose a serious health risk when inhaled.

It is recommended that anyone in a similar situation calls 999 immediately and does not attempt to put the fires out themselves or confront any perpetrators.

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