The North West Regional Logistical Response Team is a non-profit organisation who help out the emergency services when they are in need.

On Saturday evening, the volunteers set out to complete an interactive training exercise which was treated as a real-life missing person scenario.

Credit: Phil Halliwell

Neil Howard, CEO of the group. explains that the team was set up ‘because we feel that the emergency services are understaffed and haven’t got all the facilities.’

‘’We have set this up from nothing, just to support the emergency services in these times of need.’’

In the exercise, two girls were located at Rivington Pike in The Northern Moors.

Volunteers were split up into teams and tracked down the missing people using their skills taught in training and their own experience.

Credit: Phil Halliwell

The team used four by fours to drive up the rocky terrain to their last known location. Two females were found at the top of the hill and brought down to safety by the crew.

This annual exercise tests the skills of the volunteers and allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

The group have helped out during the moor fires, flooding and more recently delivering PPE during the pandemic.

Kiel Hunter from Eccles understands the importance of completing these type of training exercises.

Credit: Phil Halliwell

He also enjoys volunteering as he feels that ‘it is all about giving back to the community’.

“It is important for us to train as much as we can to give our responders the best possible scenario.”

It was IT recruiter Ewan Adair’s first time participating in a training exercise as he has only been part of the group for two weeks.

He explained “we have gone out into the hills of Rivington on a frosty evening and it was nice to be part of it.’

Mr Adair found that ‘’the minute there is going to be some type of effect to everyday life, every single person here gets excited because they have the opportunity to go out and help.”

According to the Missing People charity, someone is reported missing every 90 seconds in the UK.

Credit: Phil Halliwell

Phil Thompson, another volunteer, advises people to stay safe when they are walking in rural areas by ‘letting people know where you intend to walk to. And if you do happen to find yourself lost, find somewhere to take a bit of shelter and make yourself known as much as you can.’

The North West Regional Logistical Response group are essential to the emergency they can adapt to any circumstances.

Volunteers encourage people in the North West to stay safe by telling someone where you intend to walk to, wear high visibility clothing and suitable footwear.

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