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Knife Crime in Salford has become more apparent as Greater Manchester Police have begun weekly knife sweeps in local parks.
The North West of Salford has been the first area to be a part of the GMP “Operation Sycamore” an initiative to combat the level of knife-crimes, in Greater Manchester.
On the 8th of December, police officers were spotted in Peel Park, Madams Wood, and St Mary’s park.


During the most recent sweep, officers are said to have “a particular focus to the areas around schools”

Officers reported that they recovered a “wrench and pipe stashed either side of the gates of Peel Park and concerning drug paraphernalia near the schools.”

A representative for the GMP Little Hulton, Walkden, Ellenbrook & Worsley commented, “Although knife crime is relatively low in our neighbourhood, we have previously found knives hidden in parks.

“We do know young people sometimes carry knives and often stash them in parkland when at school.

“We are pleased to have not found any (knives) on this occasion, as it suggests this practice has stopped or at least lessened” He added.

So far, the initiative known as “Operation Sycamore” has been well received by the public.

One local commented, “This is great work. Public spaces are more important than ever, and making people feel safe will encourage them to get out and about.”

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