With Christmas fast approaching, many people who work in shops will be busier than ever, working to match the demand that the festive season brings. But what are the pressures that retail and hospitality workers face during a time of celebration and cheer?

Infographic by Olivia Davies.

A woman who works in hospitality, and wished not to be named, said: “I see many people getting tired and emotionally drained due to long hours and less polite people due to the rush of Christmas shopping.”

A lot of people spend Christmas time with their families, whereas shop workers will often spend it with each other.

She added: “I personally don’t look forward to working the festive season, I love Christmas and wish we could all be with our loved ones.

“I will be working a minimum of 46 hours in just one week, depending on how busy we are.”

According to studies, three in five UK employees will work at some point over Christmas.

She said: “I would be overjoyed if you could have the vital festive days off. It would make this time of the year much more enjoyable.”


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This year has seen a turning point for some retail giants. Asda, Home Bargains, John Lewis and Aldi will all close on Boxing Day to ensure staff can have a day with their families at Christmas time.

A woman who works at Asda, who wished to stay anonymous, had been dreading working Boxing Day this year.

She said: “I think its lovely Asda has chosen to stay closed on Boxing Day, its an amazing gesture to staff and is very much appreciated.

“I’m going to spend Boxing Day with my children, playing board games, watching Christmas films and just enjoying the day.

“I think other retailers should do the same… The run-up to Christmas is manic in retail and an extra day off would really help.”

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