Graphic designer, Greg Robertson, has designed pictures of iconic Coronation Street characters for the programme’s 60thanniversary.

Robertson, from Paisley in Scotland, is a huge fan of the show which is filmed and set in Salford. His designs include famous characters such as Ken Barlow, Rita Tanner and Gail Platt.

Image Credit: Greg Robertson
Greg’s designs of iconic characters: Liz McDonald, Sally Webster, Geoff & Yasmeen Metcalfe and Blanche Hunt.

Robertson said, “I have always had a love and affection for Coronation Street from a young age. One of my earliest memories from the show would have been the Rovers fire back in 1986.

“I had been illustrating characters from The Golden Girls when I had the idea to try my hand at some of the classic Coronation Street characters.”

To help celebrate Coronation Street’s diamond anniversary, Robertson collaged some of his favourite characters in a commemorative piece.

Talking about the designs he’s loved creating, he added, “The women of Coronation Street to me have always dominated the show. So I think the first characters I illustrated were Hilda Ogden and Blanche Hunt. Hilda and Blanche were both so iconic and brought to life so wonderfully by their actresses.

“I actually find it easier to illustrate a character that I am fonder of. Perhaps my love for a particular character comes through more in some of my portraits than others. Ena Sharples was a favourite to create as Ena has a wonderful face- full of character.”

Robertson’s designs haven’t gone unnoticed by the Corrie cast either. Sue Cleaver (who plays Eileen Grimshaw) commented on her portrait and many others liked their designs on Twitter.

On future character designs for the soap, he said, “It would be nice to have a go at illustrating some of the more up to date characters.

“Also, it would be good to give the male characters of Weatherfield a look-in because the majority of my portraits do tend to favour the ladies!”

Robertson’s designs are available to view and purchase on his website.

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