Over £450 has been raised in a week to support families in Seedley this Christmas.

Edwin Green, 68, from Salford wanted to celebrate his late wife’s 67th birthday by initially giving £50 to a family who needed cash for Christmas.

He lost his wife Carol to cancer 23 years ago on Saturday 21st March 1998. This year, for her birthday on the 14th of December Edwin wanted to give something back to his local community.

“I was watching a programme about child poverty and families struggling and I thought I could do something for Carol’s birthday” he said.

He then posted a picture of his wife on Facebook asking, for her birthday this year, if there was a family who is struggling financially and needed £50 for a Christmas dinner.

Since then it has blown up over social media and over nine people have given him money and food to help other families. With this money he has been able to help a further three families and give the left-over money and food to Salford Food Bank.

The post drew lots of attention accumulating 2300 likes and 640 “lovely” comments, which has encouraged others to donate, so more than one struggling family could benefit this Christmas.

He said, “It makes me happy that I can do this for a family struggling especially through a pandemic”.

Carol was diagnosed with an uncurable stomach cancer aged 42 and passed away 14 months later. She is a mother of 4 and grandmother of 13 and her family still do everything they can to raise money and help their community.

When talking about his wife, Edwin said: “I met Carol when I was 14 and we had 30 years together and married for 27. Carol died not long after Princess Diana and I watched the funeral.

“When Carol died, I asked the funeral director to make a coffin in white with gold handles just like Diana had. I then contacted Greater Manchester police motorcycle division and asked for outriders just like Princess Diana had because at the end of the day Carol was my princess.

“They were fantastic on the day and they escorted her to the cemetery stopping the traffic as we went. They dismounted the bikes after stopping the traffic at Age Croft Cemetery and saluted as she went in.”

Carol Green gravestone at Age Croft Cemetery
Image credit: Edwin Green

Since Carol’s passing Edwin has gone on to raise an excess of £100,000 altogether in her memory for St Ann’s Hospice along with many other charities. He has just handed in £200 worth of goods to Manchester Homeless group.

“I wanted to help a family struggling for Christmas as a further tribute to Carol and help a family at the same time.”

Edwin is thankful for all the people that have donated and encourages people to share and donate too.

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