If you go down to Buile Hill Park today, or any day for that matter, you’re sure of a miniature surprise. 

Two imaginative and creative volunteer committee members of the Buile Hill Mansion Association, Markéta Crehan Lážová (Secretary and Marketing Lead) and Petra Vanila Vartovnikova (Social Media Lead), have created a ‘Buile Hill Tiny Village‘ on the park grounds near to the historic Grade II listed building, to add a little fun and magic for little children and adults alike.

Credit: Petra Vanila Vartonikova.

After their visits to some other local miniature attractions with their children, the two ladies decided to bring a sprinkle of magic to Buile Hill.

Ms. Lážová began: “Petra and I walk daily with our children, we enjoy rock hunting and loved visiting Lizzy’s Fairytale Trail and The Elf Village in Lightoaks Park. So we wanted to compliment these activities as well as adding something fun for little visitors to Buile Hill Park.”

Credit: Petra Vanila Vartonikova.

The tiny village was created with tiny children in mind however, it has also proven popular with the grown-ups too: “We did create the village with children in mind, with all the restrictions in place, the park is a place they can still enjoy so we wanted to add something fun for them to find but our feedback has been from adults too who have fun finding the little houses,” said Ms. Lážová.

On why they chose the popular park amongst local Salford residents, Ms. Lážová said: “We spend a lot of time in the park and that’s the reason why we also got involved with the Buile Hill Mansion Association as we love the park and want to restore the mansion and for it to become a community venue.”

Credit: Petra Vanila Vartonikova.

You can find where the tiny village starts, in stark contrast to the mansion, on the footpath that goes between the huge old building and the playground. It has started to grow a little each day as Ms. Lážová added: “We are not sure where it will end yet. We also hope to make it a more permanent thing.”

Ms. Lážová hopes that: “It encourages people to visit and engage with the park, that it helps with exercise and just for something fun and Covid safe to enjoy.”

Ms. Lážová also wanted to to let members of the public who may want to visit the park know that: “If anyone would like to add their own houses then please feel free to do so, or if they would like to contact us with with any ideas about the village or future events then that would be lovely.”

Buile Hill Park is situated just off Eccles Old Road and Weaste Lane with Buile Hill Mansion situated within the grounds, where you can also discover the tiny village.

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