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The announcement by the Government that Greater Manchester will remain in Tier 3 has caused outrage amongst Northern leaders and celebrities.

Yesterday Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced to his fellow MP’S the latest review of the new tier system. After enduring months of strict restrictions already, Greater Manchester will now remain in Tier 3 to the new year at least.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham voiced his opinion on the announcement, tweeting:  “When cases rise in the North, the North goes under restrictions.

“However, when cases rise in London and the South East, everyone stays under restrictions.”

Andy Burnham

Gary Neville tweeted: “They released 5 key criteria 2 weeks ago to measure Tiers by. Manchester is lower than many T2 areas were 2 weeks ago.

“Today the government ignored their own criteria. The biggest set of charlatans to be ever elected”


Co-owner of Salford City, Gary Neville challenged the Tories on Twitter

However, Matt Hancock is adamant the right measures are being taken, saying: “We’ve come so far, we mustn’t blow it now.”

But the leader of Labour controlled Manchester City Council, Sir Richard Leese, said the logic of the oppositions is “unbelievable.”

Adding, “Even though our numbers are better than either London or Liverpool’s were 3 weeks ago, still in Tier 3.”

Sir Richard Leese voiced his own opinions on the announcement made by Conservative Matt Hancock

Greater Manchester was placed in Tier 3 after the country endured a month-long lockdown in November, which brought the average infection rate rapidly declining to 156.44.

The announcemnt caused particular outrage in the North, even though London is now under Tier 3 restrictions along with Greater Manchester,

London reportedly has a significantly higher seven day average of 2,388 cases per day, according to the

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